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Talking with My Mouth Full

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Draft beer, not people.  ~Author Unknown

A few weeks ago I found a bottle of Baying Hound Aleworks beer on the shelf at a local market. Never heard of this place, and it’s based in Rockville, MD- the first [and to date only] brewery in Montgomery County.

The guy who runs it, Paul Rinehart, went to cooking school and was going to be a chef but some wise man told him he lacked the asshole gene and that he wouldn’t do well in the food service industry as a result. So he started brewing beer instead.

The beers are named after hounds Rinehart has known. There’s lagers, ales, and recipes like stout flavored with chocolate and marshmallow, and a wheat beer spiked with sweet red beet juice.

Stop by, say high, and grab a pint. But bring your own food, because they’re not doing munchies yet. Something tells me when Rinehart’s ready for that phase it will be epic.

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